Way of the Shovel scratch card, designed with Romain André 2013






tt and m, in collaboration with thing thing 2013





Chicagoland logo, promotional materials, 2013





RAM publications+distribution, bookmark, 2013






Archive as Shrine, book cover, 2013 Illustrations by Bryce Wilner



Fiberglass/ Resin Bracelets, 2013




Teresa Silva, business cards, 2013








Solomon, logo, 2012









Solomon, birth announcement, 2012






Fraser Taylor/ New Works, takeaway, 2012



Trivet Runner for ODLCO 2012




Odile Decq, 2012







www.everyhousehasadoor.org website 2012





The Lost Vanguard, identity 2012





8 Liberty's Waving, desktop wallpaper for ODLCO 2012

(free download)











Making Friends, takeaway, 2012



Graham Foundation Print Ad, 2012


Chicago Matter workshop at the Graham Foundation, 2012 more images here


Études / Duets, 2012






Meat Balloons, (with Steven Haulenbeek, Caroline Linder, Lisa Smith), 2012


Nearer to Know Less, (cover) 2012




Stories, Notes, and Recipes for Wabi Nabe,the first project by ODLCO, 2011


Wabi Nabe Advert ODLCO, 2011


ODLCO, 2011 logo



Balloon Factory (with Steven Haulenbeek, Thom Moran, Caroline Linder, Lisa Smith), 2011





Show Storage, Show Show Room, 2011



STORE, 2011


Milan Redux, 2011 logo


Young Hearth, 2011 (adobe space heater)


Flexible Day Planner/ Show Show Room, 2011



Shared-Practice and Shared-Practice Chicago, 2010 logo





Las Vegas Studio, 2010 banners




Daytona (desktop paper+file organizer), 2010




Okie Donkie, 2009




Goose Souvenirs, 2010


Festival Lights, 2010 (cast rubber shades strung together with extension cords)




Promise of this Moment, 2010 (exhibition identity)




Shhh Lights, 2010 (voice-activated night light)




Goose Cones, 2009–10


Goose Cones, (rendering) 2009